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Giving Trip Journals

TOMS puts great value in employee experience and culture. After a full-time employee's first, third and fifth years with the company, they are eligible to go on a Giving Trip — a unique experience to visit, learn and observe TOMS Giving Partners in the countries where they work. Upon return, employees are encouraged to share learnings from their trips on the TOMS Blog. 

Part of my role in Giving Communications was to serve as the key liaison to employees returning from their trip who were eager to share the experience in a public forum. TOMS called these Giving Trip journals. I spoke with, interviewed, helped write and edit employee Giving Trip journals, as well as craft a few of my own from my experiences visiting partners on Giving Trips and campaign production shoots. This eventually led to a full seasonal campaign of purpose-driven personal narratives of employee Giving experiences.

Giving Trip Journals: Project
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