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Sofar Sounds Core Values


Within my first month of joining Sofar Sounds, I led the company through a workshop to engage and educate staff on the importance of core values. Working closely with the founders, I developed, wrote copy and managed the creation of Sofar's core values system, including rollout to staff and integration into company communications, website and recruitment processes.

Copy below:

Core values are our belief system. They define organizational purpose, as well as individual conduct. Sofar Sounds’ core values guide how we communicate to our guests, artists, hosts and one another as part of the Sofar community.

At Sofar, we live and breathe our core values. Above all, at Sofar, we are:


We are nothing without one another. Our global community of artists, hosts, guests, volunteers and staff make our movement. This is bigger than us.


We are artists, writers, musicians, leaders, travelers and makers. We are explorers and entrepreneurs, who take risks in the name of creating something beautiful for all who come through our door.


We are a movement that transcends borders. We live for the quiet moments of togetherness and take care to appreciate our surroundings and one another. No matter who you are or where the world takes you, you are welcome in our home.


We are true to our brand, mission and values. We’re not perfect and own up to our shortcomings. We are always honest, inclusive and as transparent as we can be with our community.

Sofar Sounds Core Values: Project
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