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TOMS in Haiti

In 2014-15, TOMS had multiple Giving initiatives in Haiti: a long presence of Shoe Giving, the opening of its first Giving Shoe factory and the launch of maternal health programs as part of its new TOMS Bags collection.

For our Spring 2015 campaign, I planned, produced and executed a 3-week trip to Haiti to gather content and collateral to highlight these Giving initiatives. From January-April 2015, TOMS' Spring campaign culminated in 360-degree print, digital and experiential communications about our efforts in Haiti.


Producers: Sarah Lipman & Danica O'Brien

Art Direction: Jessica Tan & Patrick-Torres Wright

Photography: Zach Bresnick & Jared Chambers

Copywriters: Sarah Lipman & Sallie Oto

Partners Featured: Caribbean Craft, Every Mother Counts, Partners In Health, UNFPA

TOMS in Haiti: Portfolio
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