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TOMS Giving: Web redesign

In order to increase transparency into how TOMS gives through its innovative Giving programs, we redesigned all social impact content on for desktop and mobile. The goal is to convey through numbers, imagery and stories not only the what and how of TOMS Giving, but also the impact that purpose-driven business has on people. The site uses color, copy and interactivity to tell an engaging story to a diverse audience with varying levels of interest; the site should be as interesting to the casual consumer as it is to an expert working in the global development space. 

I project managed, served as the copy lead and key liaison to senior management, working across multiple departments to deliver more than 15 pages of new engaging and interactive content on TOMS Shoe, Sight, Water, Safer Birth and eventually, in an update, Bullying Prevention Giving initiatives.


Project Managers: Gloria Hwang & Sarah Lipman

Web Direction: Ron Elizondo

Art Direction: Theresa Lavachek & Jessica Lundby

UX: Theresa Lavachek

Copywriters: Sarah Lipman & Chris Terry

Improving Lives
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TOMS Social Impact Web Content: Portfolio
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